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At the start of this summer we said we would like to bring clean, safe water and sanitation to 134,000 people in some of the poorest communities in rural Malawi.  With your amazing help we have made that dream possible in only six weeks.

But we don’t want to stop there! Whilst all donations are matched pound for pound we want to reach even more people across Malawi. The UK Government have committed to match all donations until 18th September, so together we can transform even more lives.

For the first time ever, throughout the summer WaterAid field officers Michael Kalane and Nathan Chiwoko will be your eyes and ears within a WaterAid project.

Live blogging using smartphones and Instagram, they will take you right into the heart of the villages of Kaniche and Bokola. Week by week, you will see and hear about the terrible challenges these communities face and the wonderful changes they experience as the project progresses. They’ll take you to the filthy scoop holes where hundreds of villagers currently have to collect water. Share their fears and hopes for the future, and show you how hard people in both villages are working to play their part in the transformation of their communities.

Every pound you give to the Big Dig appeal before 18 September will be doubled

When you donate to The Big Dig, the UK Government will match your gift pound for pound – making your support go even further and enabling us to reach twice as many people with clean water and sanitation this summer.

Join us and the people of Malawi – and help make this a summer none of us will ever forget


UKaid Secure payments

Every pound you donate before 18 September will be doubled by the UK Government – so we can give twice as much help. If you are a UK taxpayer you can also add Gift Aid to your donation at no cost to you. £10 + Government matching = £20. Plus Gift Aid = £22.50 = more lives transformed.

Every penny we raise through The Big Dig Appeal will help to transform lives forever in Malawi.

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