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  • The Dig – drilling and celebration!

    Last week was a momentous turning point for the residents of Bokola and Kaniche. The drilling of new boreholes brought clean, safe water to the communities for the first time. The wells will have a profound impact on the health

  • Mr Mussa

      Mr Mussa Jeckson, the Chairmen of the Area Development Committee, talks about his deep passion for his work. Mr Jeckson is a volunteer in his capacity as Chairman and works incredibly hard to help affect the sanitation programmes in

  • Kids carrying dirty dishes

    Change for a future generation

    The difficulties in collecting dirty water and the threat it poses to health and lives affect everyone in Kaniche and Bokola; not least, the children of the villages. Collecting and carrying water for large distances is hard work, especially for

  • Water and health

    Three residents of Kaniche and Bokola describe how dirty water has had a devastating effect on the health and lives of their families. There is a high level of mortality in the villages. In some years as many as 3

  • Annie’s Business

    Annie runs a cafe in Kaniche.  Her business relies on being able to get clean water to cater for her customers.  In this short film she talks about how her livelihood will be improved when the borehole is dug in her

  • Water point committee

    The waterpoint committee of Kaniche

    Before work on the water point even starts it’s really important to get the community prepared for the reality of looking after it.  From making sure the area is kept clean, to maintaining it or even paying for repairs, there

  • Falison. Village chief and father

    Falison is head of a large family in Kaniche. In this video, filmed on our last trip to Malawi, he talks about the hardship his familiy faces today, and his hopes for a brighter future. In Falison’s area of Kaniche

  • Community mapping with Boyce

    Recent posts have mentioned how the whole community have come together to plan for the provision of safe water.  Engagement of everybody is vital as all must share responsibility for the proper use and maintenance of the water source. In

  • Smearing buildings

    Bokola lady smearing her kitchen.Smearing helps to cover cracks &beutify the structure.The process makes the facility conducive for food preparation Original photo on Instagram One of smeared house at Bokola. Original photo on Instagram  

  • Bokola community meeting

    Planning for the borehole

    In Bokola the villagers are starting to plan for the arrival of the borehole which will bring safe clean water to their community. Howard and his friends are making bricks while Howard’s mother is leading a meeting of community members

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