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  • Finishing the works in Bokola and Kaniche

      The celebrations have died down, the drilling rigs have packed up and gone home, and our window into the lives of Bokola and Kaniche is starting to close. But there is still much to do and a huge amount

  • woman and baby in Kaniche village, Malawi

    Something about Mary

    Mary’s life has been tough. At 22 years old she’s a single mother to two young children and HIV positive. Yet she’s a truly inspirational character. A tough cookie – her face lights up the room and, despite her youth, she

  • Mr. Khombe in Kaniche

    Khombe, the King of Kaniche

    At 52 years old, Mr Khombe is an elderly gentleman in Malawian terms, but while certainly a gentleman, the Mr Khombe we saw today is still as strong as an ox and full of life as a man ten years

  • An amazing day in Kaniche

    Kaniche is a thriving local hub straddling the road which crosses the river, and heads towards Bokola and the string of villages off in the distance. Its larger size and the fact it’s near the road means that Kaniche has

  • The highs and lows of drilling in Bokola

    No matter what happened today, it was always going to be a big moment in Bokola’s history. To start with it was raining in the dry season, and today was also the day we were hoping to bring clean safe

  • Florence Luster looks to the future

    We are less than half way through the dry season and the scoop in Bokola is essentially dry – it is no more than a filthy puddle. The scoop is also extremely dangerous; now over four meters deep with steep

  • From today, life in Bokola will never be the same

    This simple unassuming stake in the ground marks the point where a 40 metre borehole will be dug today. We hope this borehole will bring clean safe water to the people of Bokola for the very first time. Off in

  • Grace's latrine

    Grace’s latrine is nearly finished

    Grace, standing by her constructed latrine. It is waiting for roofing. Hygiene and sanitation issues are being implemented at village level. Most households have latrines of their own. This has reduced the use of bushes as toilets as before. People’s

  • a girl washes her hands

    Installing hand washing facilities

    Hygiene promotion issue is not a one day thing because it deals with one’s attitudes & mindset.Before Water hygiene & sanitation, either was no any handwashing facility in Bokola.Currently installation of Handwashing facilities has been done that some are using

  • woman and two children outside a toilet block

    Christina’s first toilet

    Christina of Kaniche village has been using the bush instead of a toilet since she got married four years ago. This will be her first toilet in her marriege life Original photo on Instagram

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