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  • Work on the wells continues

    After 7 days when the concrete is dry the pump will be installed in Bokola. Original photo on Instagram Even those with disabilities can use this water point because of the slope. Thanks for your donation on behalf of Kaniche

  • Manesi collecting water

    Manesi Rabson is among the few of the older generation, born and raised in Bokola Village some 60 years ago. Since her childhood she has never had access to clean and safe water with the only source being the Namizu

  • Mwanza addresses the community

    Mwanza addresses the community on progress

    Traditional Authority Mwanza adressing the community after supervising the progress of the activities taking place in Kaniche village. This woman is heading over 400 villages. Original photo on Instagram

  • Mr Meke lays bricks for his latrine

    Mr Meke constructs a toilet for his daughter

    Mr Meke was found constructing his daughter’s toilet who is married outside Bokola village but is planning to come back with her husband this same year. After seing this, the committee members agreed to assist him. Original photo on Instagram

  • Mr Meke building roof

    Mr Meke adds his roof

    Mr Meke aged 79 roofing his new toilet in Bokola village. This aged man is showing a good example of participation during any development activities in the village. Original photo on Instagram

  • Buckets around the scoop

    Congestion at the scoop

    Congestion at the scoop in Kaniche village because a water point in a village 700 metres away from Kaniche is broken and the community members of this village are using the same scoop. Original photo on Instagram

  • Terina carrying water on head

    Meet Terina

    Terina born in 1933 from Kaniche village coming from Lingadzi river where she went to draw water for her family. Terina’s children are all married and she stays with her 80 old husband. Original photo on Instagram

  • Finished ecosan toilet with rays of light

    Rays of light on Khrito’s finished toilet

    Inside Khrito’s new constructed ecosan toilet with a mixture of ash and soil, which is applied inside the pit after using it to prevent smell and flies. What you are seing are not flies, but rays of light. Original photo

  • Howard's mother blocking the scoop

    Blocking the scoop from animals

    Howard’s mother closing the entrance of the scoop to protect it from animals after the visit by WaterAid team. Original photo on Instagram

  • Mary reading prayer

    Mary says a prayer

    Mary from Kaniche village giving an opening prayer during a meeting organised by WaterAid team. Original photo on Instagram

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