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  • a bucket of dirty water

    The mid point

    On the face of it you may think that providing clean safe water to the people of Bokola and Kaniche is as simple as digging a well.  Unfortunately that’s not the case. Over the last few weeks Nathan and Michael

  • Grace's latrine

    Grace’s latrine is nearly finished

    Grace, standing by her constructed latrine. It is waiting for roofing. Hygiene and sanitation issues are being implemented at village level. Most households have latrines of their own. This has reduced the use of bushes as toilets as before. People’s

  • man chatting with group of children

    Scenes of celebration

    On Friday we announced that we have exceeded our initial target of raising £1.2million for The Big Dig. Over the weekend our colleagues Boyce, Michael and Nathan went to the villages of Kaniche and Bokola to share the good news. The

  • grace

    Week 5: £1,000,000!

    Today, Friday 20th July, day 33 of 93, the end of week five of 12, YOU, helped us break through a major milestone in our fundraising target. That milestone: £1,000,000! THANK YOU, or as they would say in Bokola and

  • vanishing water

    Week 4: A concerted effort in the face of adversity

    The capacity of humans in the face of adversity is quite something. There are times when, whatever your situation, life feels a little bit tough.  When the odds seem stacked against you.  When something comes and kicks in the stomach,

  • woman digging

    Grace prepares the ground to make bricks

    Grace stayed with grandchildren & on picture,she is preparing land for bricks moulding.Grace said that she decided to construct latrine with bricks so that it can last longer Orignal photo on Instagram

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Every pound you donate before 18 September will be doubled by the UK Government – so we can give twice as much help. If you are a UK taxpayer you can also add Gift Aid to your donation at no cost to you. £10 + Government matching = £20. Plus Gift Aid = £22.50 = more lives transformed.

Every penny we raise through The Big Dig Appeal will help to transform lives forever in Malawi.

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