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  • Mr. Khombe in Kaniche

    Khombe, the King of Kaniche

    At 52 years old, Mr Khombe is an elderly gentleman in Malawian terms, but while certainly a gentleman, the Mr Khombe we saw today is still as strong as an ox and full of life as a man ten years

  • Facilities at Mr Khombes tearoom

    Facilities at Mr Khombe’s tearoom

    Mr Khombe’s handwashing facility at his tearoom. It is used by his customers to ensure that hygiene is practiced not in homes only, but even at bussiness places. This is a good model to all those who run cafes. Original

  • Collecting water samples

    Collecting samples for testing

    WRH staff collecting water samples at Bokola scoop & Khombe home in Kaniche to check if the water is contaminated. Original photo on Instagram

  • 1632c7fae0b811e18d8622000a1e8ba3_7

    Mr Khombe making furniture

    Khombe of Kaniche village at his carpently shop making a bed and some chairs for his customers. Khombe is also a village health committee chair person of Kaniche. Orgininal photo on Instagram

  • man standing near building

    Mr Khombe finishes the first latrine in Kaniche

    Khombe,a mason & Village Development Committee chairman is agood leader.He is an examplary chairman as he has completed his latrine first in his village.’ Original photo on Instagram

  • man working with wood planer

    Mr Khombe continues to play an important role

    Khombe is not only the builder who is assisting some house holds in the village with lining of pits for the new toilets, he is also a well known carpenter in Kaniche village. Khombe is one of the key leaders

  • Cross village learning visits

    “Most of the time when you look at things you learn.”  These are the words of Mr Khombe, village elder and mason from Kaniche village reflecting on an exchange visit to Satola village, a community already benefiting from safe sanitation

  • Mr Khombe

    An update from Mr. Khombe

    Mr. Khombe plays an active role in his community of Kaniche.  A village elder, Chair of the Village Development Committee, local headman and community mason. Each time we’ve visited his community we’ve found Mr. Khombe hard at work, most recently

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