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As well as following the amazing transformation of Kaniche and Bokola this summer through live blogging direct from the communities, you can also send your own special message of support to them.

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  1. Raphael

    Hi my name is Raphael, i am 27 years old, i would like to work how volunteer, but i don t know how can i do to work in this program!!!

  2. Lesley Hedges

    We have our first meeting tonight of the new group in Huddersfield and we’ll be talking about ways we can help.

  3. Harpreet Bhamra

    As a student in England I feel as though I am extremely priveliged to have access to clean running water and a good access to food. However I am aware that this is not the case worldwide, I believe that as a part of the human race we all have a duty to try and help those less fortunate than us. My plans in life are to complete a geography degree and use this knowledge of world occurences to come out to those countries here the less fortunate do live and work with them to develop technologies that will help improve their quality of life.

  4. Angharad

    Thanks Harpreet, what great plans!

  5. Angharad

    Fantastic, good luck with the meeting Lesley. it’s great to know we’ve got so much support out there.

  6. Miller Rylan Conner

    Good luck and take care miller aged 2.5 xxx

  7. Miller Rylan Conner

    Good luck miller aged 2.5 xxx

  8. Stephanie bell

    Wonderful initiative. I responded to a mailing. However, some feedback. Why is there no facility obvious to allow me to share details with friends by email?

  9. Angharad

    Thanks for your message Stephanie. We’re really glad you like The Big Dig. Please do share The Big Dig web address, with your friends and family via email. In the meantime we’ll look into how we can make this an easier option for people.

  10. Alex Heylin

    Spell & grammar check your website!

    The following are not words;
    sheltet (shelter)
    envolve (involve)
    asisting (assisting)
    At the moment it does not look professional.

    Regards and support

    Alex Heylin

  11. Angharad

    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for your comments. It’s good to recieve feedback like this from supporters. I wanted to explain a little about this project in response to your points.
    The copy we are uploading to the site is direct from our field officers in Malawi. Our field officers, Michael and Nathan are Malawian and their role is primarily to deliver services on the ground to communities like Bokola and Kaniche. To give our supporters a true insight into the work we do and how their money is spent, we have asked Michael and Nathan to record their experiences in these two villages over the course of the summer, using simple photography and short captions.
    It is true that the grammer and spelling is not perfect. English is not the first language of either Michael and Nathan and we felt that it would be appropriate to leave the captions they are creating unedited, unless of course they are not understandable. This is abit of an experiment for us and your feedback is helpful. We’ll be watching to see if other users have similar feedback and if so, may change our approach.

    Please continue to watch the developments and provide any further feedback you feel would be helpful.

  12. devinder hayre

    always praise god with every breath

  13. Hilary Belden

    wishing you every success in getting your clean water supply and all the good things that follow – education and opportunities for your community.

  14. Paul

    I would very much like to offer a helping hand to dig water holes for the people of Malawi. I’m touched & shocked that many people do not have access to the absolute basics of survival – Water.

  15. Angharad

    Thanks Paul. It is indeed shocking. Any support you can give by donating, sharing the message and inspiring others to get involved would be hugely appreciated. Our on the ground work is done by local people who understand the issues, the terrain, the culture, people like Michael and Nathan, that’s something we’re very proud of at WaterAid. Have a great weekend, Angharad

  16. lorna whitfield

    there is no life without water.

  17. Colin Morley

    Dear Angharad, I wish you all well with this project and hope you get the money you need and can build the wells and sanitary systems as soon as possible. I am now retired but spent my life working as a paediatrician. It is heart braking for me to hear of people contracting and dying of preventably gastrointestinal infections. I look forward to hearing about the completion of your work and then the increased health of your people.

    Best wishes Colin

  18. Angharad

    Thank you Colin. Keep watching the updates. I’ve every confidence the lives of the people in Bokola and Kaniche will be transformed with clean water and safe sanitation, meaning fewer and fewer children will get sick. Your support is hugely appreciated. Angharad.

  19. Tessa

    How amazing to watch this project grow and develop. Congratulations to you all at WaterAid for creating such lasting success in these villages.

  20. Angharad

    Thanks Tessa. You are absolutely right. The work happening in Bokola and Kaniche is amazing and great testament to the determination of every community member. We’re really proud of the work and so glad to have supporters like you engaged too. Thanks Angharad

  21. M.

    Dear Angharad: Can you say something about how the matching arrangement with the UK government was set up? Was it a govt. initiative or WaterAid’s? Is matching by govt. unusual, or is it that we don’t usually get to hear about govt. funding of development in this manner?
    Can you also confirm that the govt. has not set a max. limit on the total matching contribution they are prepared to make.
    Good luck, M.

  22. Angharad

    Hi M,

    Thanks for your message. We’ve linked up with the UK Government specifically on this project as part of their Aid Match scheme. In that respect you could say that it was a government initiative in that they created Aid Match as a scheme which charities like WaterAid could apply to be part of, which we did. The UK Government have been long term partners of WaterAid and have funded parts of our work for many years, however this is the first time they are matching donations made by the UK public. The limit set for matching if £5m.

    It’s a very exciting initiative and it has clearly encouraged more people to get involved in our project for Malawi which is just wonderful.

    Thanks for your interest and support.

  23. Michelle

    Congratulations to everyone involved, great news for a friday afternoon – maybe my week at work wasn’t so hard after all?! WaterAid is a fantastic charity and achieves great things. I love the way this project has been reported, its been positive and interesting – well done again!

  24. Fiona McLeod

    The children of St Andrew’s Church, Bedford have nominated the Big Dig for their chsrity for church Outreach Funding. This has yet to be agreed by the PCC but we are hopeful this will be agreed in time to get you a cheque well before 18 September. The children will be following the progress of the project with interest.

  25. Angharad

    Hi Fiona, that’s great news, we’re so pleased. I really hope the children can double their donation by ensuring any fundraising they generate reaches us by 18th September. I know the children of Bokola and Kaniche will be thrilled to see children here supporting them. Angharad

  26. shona

    inspirational! Well done Water Aid, love what you’re doing here. Warm wishes to the Bokola and Kaniche communities. Have spread the word on facebook.

  27. Rachel

    I am really enjoying reading the updates on the Big Dig. Its great to see things are really improving and will change the lives of the villagers for the better. I have a two year old son and cant imagine not being able to give him safe water. Is there a way of passing on some of my sons clothes and shoes to the villagers?

  28. Hilary

    I’ve watched the Olympics. I’ve watched the Big Dig. One showed obscene extravagance. One showed frugal necessity. Which one represented life-enhancing legacy? No contest.

  29. Sophia

    Could you add a map to show where Kaniche and Bokola are in Malawi and perhaps where the schools are where you are building toilets – it would be v interesting to see the spread. many thanks and keep up the good work.

  30. tom le fanu

    Hi Sophia,

    Thanks for your feedback. It’s a great idea to add a map and would help to put things in context. Unfortunately there would be a significant web development cost to get this added to the website at this stage. However, you can look on Google maps for Salima, Malawi to get an idea. This is the nearest town to Kaniche and Bokola but still an hour’s drive.

    Best wishes,



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