Donate to WaterAid now & see your donation change lives.

Donations restricted to the Big Dig are now closed.  However your donation can still make a difference and will be invested in WaterAid’s work across the developing world.

Clean, safe water can’t come soon enough for people in communities like Bokola and Kaniche. A gift from you will transform lives:

  • Thousands of parents will be able to give their children clean, safe water for the very first time.
  • Children will be well enough to go to school and get an education.
  • Parents will be able to spend more time earning an income.
  • People will be able to spend more on food for their family, rather than healthcare.


What your gift could provide:

Tools to maintain a village water pump.

Tools to build a hand dug well.

Training for a village pump mechanic.

Surprise us!

If you have any questions about your donation, please give us a call on 020 7793 4594.
Want to download a donation form? Click here.

UKaid Secure payments

Every pound you donate before 18 September will be doubled by the UK Government – so we can give twice as much help. If you are a UK taxpayer you can also add Gift Aid to your donation at no cost to you. £10 + Government matching = £20. Plus Gift Aid = £22.50 = more lives transformed.

Every penny we raise through The Big Dig Appeal will help to transform lives forever in Malawi.

Current total: £2,249,738
  • Your money
  • Your money doubled

We regularly update the total as donations come in. Please keep checking back to see how we’re doing.