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This summer, thanks to your amazing support, we have brought clean water and sanitation to Bokola and Kaniche.

It doesn’t stop here!  Over the next few years your Big Dig donations will bring sanitation and clean water to thousands of communities.  Follow the blog to see the difference your money is already making.

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    Lady in the scoop

    We are less than half way through the dry season and the scoop in Bokola is essentially dry – it is no more than a filthy puddle. The scoop is also extremely dangerous; now over four meters deep with steep with sheer crumbling sides. At least three people need to work together just to get into it.

    When the team went to visit the scoop on Monday with Florence Luster’s mother Grace and other community members we witnessed a 20 minute ordeal to get less than one cup of water, which was given straight from the ground to the most needy community member, a six month old baby.

    This water source is shared by over fifty households many with young children.

    Florence Luster is Grace’s daughter, and is mother to twins Earnest and Adrene who are just two months old. Falarousta and her babies are wonderful and above all, healthy. The dry season certainly helps to keep diseases like Cholera at bay, life is extremely tough. The lack of water means that Florence Luster hardly has enough water to drink in order to stay strong to feed her babies, let alone to be able to keep on top of nappy washing for two babies.

    Flo with her twins

    For Florence Luster fetching water is a daily challenge; most days she has no choice other than to take both babies and her other children to the scoop, often before sunrise. With Grace carrying one baby and her the other. Sometimes, if others are going to fetch water, Grace can stay at home with the twins, but most of days the whole family has to go to get water together. Other jobs also remain incomplete; Grace and Florence Luster’s vegatable garden project was abandoned due to the lack of water so food is scarce.

    Grace remains strong telling Micheal that for as long as she can, she will continue to help her family in every way she can.

    Water simply can’t come soon enough, the immediate future of these children could well depend on it – there simply isn’t enough for the community to drink.

    Once the pumps are installed, Earnest and Adrene will be able to avoid the usual illnesses children can expect at six months when they stop breast feeding and are forced to take their first drink of filthy water. Both Grace and Florence Luster are optimistic of a much brighter future for the children, a future which you have helped to make possible.

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  • Borehole drilling

    Borehole drilling has started in Bokola village

    Original photo on Instagram

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    This simple unassuming stake in the ground marks the point where a 40 metre borehole will be dug today. We hope this borehole will bring clean safe water to the people of Bokola for the very first time.

    Stake in the ground

    Off in the distance to our right is the graveyard where many of the victims of dirty water rest. Behind us and to the left are the main areas of the village where people live, and some way off in the distance is the now-dry scoop hole in the river bed; a place which the community hopes never to have to rely on again.

    We’re standing right in the heart of the community.

    Drilling at this site was finally confirmed last friday following extensive consultation with the community and a final survey carried out by our local drilling contractor. The location is perfect, a long way away from the dangers of the road. Far enough away from any contamination risks from the graveyard or latrines; and most importantly, a safe place. It’s the perfectly placed to have the most amazing impact on the whole community.

    Success today will mean life will never be the same for the people of Bokola again.

    Children will not get sick as often, mothers will be able to spend more time at home, fathers can spend more time growing crops, and children will be able to spend more time at school.

    Both communities have changed so much in such a short time, today in Bokola, things are about to change forever.

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    Manesi Rabson is among the few of the older generation, born and raised in Bokola Village some 60 years ago. Since her childhood she has never had access to clean and safe water with the only source being the Namizu River. This has led to her being very sick often as she frequently suffers from diarrhea and malaria. Despite the water being unsafe for human consumption, the people of Bokola including Manesi, share this water with animals which include cattle and pigs. The Namizu River only has water during the rainy season while it gets dry in the dry season forcing the people to dig scoop holes in the river course for water.

    “This is where 60 year old Manesi store her water here in her house. Manesi has already been to the river 5 times since morning to correct water.” Taken by Nathan at Bokola Village.

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    “Manesi born 60 years ago and a mother to 9 children and 22 grand chidren fetching water from this tiny source which they share with the animals.” Taken by Nathan at Bokola Village.

    Original photo on Instagram

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  • Lady in deepend scoop

    Bokola scoop is still going deeper & deeper that it has turned into a death trap to the community when collecting water. The danger is that it can collapse anytime as the scoop is at sandy area.

    Original photo on Instagram

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