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You can play a major part in transforming the lives of over 134,000 people in rural Malawi this summer, not only by making a donation but also by helping spread the word about The Big Dig far and wide.

All summer on The Big Dig blog you’ll find amazing stories, videos, and live updates from Nathan and Michael working in the communities of Kaniche and Bokola  – and you can share them all. Every story of hope, every video of celebration, every moment of joy.

By spreading the word you’ll help people fill their cups, buckets and bowls with clean water for the very first time. Giving them the power to change their lives and take the first steps out of poverty. So please don’t keep The Big Dig to yourself. Share The Big Dig stories and videos with everyone you know. Click below to spread the message. Then others, who care as much as you, can be part of The Big Dig too.

Two big reasons to get sharing today.

  1. The UK Government will match donations pound for pound, but only until 18 September – so we need all the support we can get right now.
  2. The rains will come in November – they’ll wash dirt into water sources, they’ll spread diseases and they’ll make it impossible to dig and build. So we must have completed our work in Malawi before then.

How you can spread the word

  • Show your support to your friends and followers.

    Get tweeting, sharing and adding The Big Dig news to your timeline.

  • Share The Big Dig infographic.

    Share The Big Dig infographic.

    Everything you need to know about this exciting appeal. Please pass it on as the more people who hear about The Big Dig, the more people we can help.

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    <iframe width="854" height="1490" src="http://www.thebigdig.org/spread-the-word/infographic/"></iframe>
  • Share The Big Dig totaliser.

    Share The Big Dig totaliser.

    Every penny donated will bring clean, safe water to the people of rural Malawi. And you can share just how close we are to making it all happen.

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UKaid Secure payments

Every pound you donate before 18 September will be doubled by the UK Government – so we can give twice as much help. If you are a UK taxpayer you can also add Gift Aid to your donation at no cost to you. £10 + Government matching = £20. Plus Gift Aid = £22.50 = more lives transformed.

Every penny we raise through The Big Dig Appeal will help to transform lives forever in Malawi.

Current total: £2,249,738
  • Your money
  • Your money doubled

We regularly update the total as donations come in. Please keep checking back to see how we’re doing.