The Dig – drilling and celebration!

Last week was a momentous turning point for the residents of Bokola and Kaniche. The drilling of new boreholes brought clean, safe water to the communities for the first time. The wells will have a profound impact on the health and quality of life of the people here, and ultimately, save many lives.

Watch here how the drilling unfolded and the celebrations started, celebrations that will continue for a while to come!

Generous donations to the Big Dig have made made this all possible. However, donations made before 18th September will be matched by the UK Government, so will have double the impact. All money raised will go on to help other communities around Malawi and save lives. The story of the Big Dig in Bokola and Kaniche has had a happy ending, and we want to make sure this story is retold all over the country.

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  1. Gillian

    This is fantastic for the people of the villages. I am so happy for them that they now have the access to clean water and sanitation.

  2. Mary

    Brilliant news!!!!

  3. richard annandale

    Fantastic News for the people of Bokola and Kaniche.
    How great if the same experience can be shared by many other villages in Malawi.

  4. Valerie Lawton

    It makes me so happy to see such joy on the faces of the villagers, the ‘Big Dig’ will change and save so many lives. All involved have worked so hard, what an achievement. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.

  5. julie warburton

    I`m so happy for you all to atlast have not to drink dirty water. Enjoy!

  6. Madeleine

    This video brought a big smile to my face. It was a great joy to see the smiles and celebration on the faces of these people. I am so proud to have been a part of it!

  7. David Hodgson

    I cannot say much more than their happiness shows. Keep up your great work and I hope that more villages will see this benefit.

  8. susan

    I feel privaleged to have been able to help.Everyone deserves easy access to clean water.Such a fundamental right.

  9. Roy Baker

    Just £3 a month does this, many hands, many minds, many hearts.

  10. Alex

    I am so pleased these beautiful people got clean water and even more pleased that water aid does this because if it wasn’t for the founders and workers of water aid and companies like them these people and others like them would die for no reason ! the governments of all countries at the moment don’t care about any of their people , they are just greedy and just do the most minuscule things to make themselves look good!!! AFRICA ONLY NEEDS CLEAN WATER AND LOVE XX PEACE NAMASTE

  11. Jackie

    I just love those smiles!

  12. Neil

    Amazing message, glad I’ve been supporting WaterAid for a good while and really like things like this that show just what an impact we are all having!

  13. Ockens Chipeta

    This is a wonderful development that will bring upon long lasting solutions to mortality and morbidity due to unsafe potable water. Bravo Big Dig initiative. Continue the wonderful work of fund raising to help so many of such vulnerable groups within Malawi and elsewhere. O.H.K

  14. Susan Giles

    What joy to see so much happiness from having fresh clean water. It put a huge smile on my face too. It is a real privalege to be abble to help .Congratulations to everyone concerned

  15. Lorraine

    The Big Dig video is wonderful. All people should have access to clean water and good sanitation and that is why I have supported WaterAid for many years-by participating in Sing for Water and my small choir has raised thousands of pounds as well. Keep going until the dasy when no child dies for want of clean water.

  16. Lorraine

    Everyone is entitled to access to clean water and good sanitation. I have been supporting WaterAid for several aids with my local choir, participating in Sing for Water and we have rasied thousands of pounds. The Big Dig is a wonderful achievement.

  17. hamera

    So many smiling faces and happiness, what a joy this is to see. I have been a water aid supporter for some time now and I will continue my support. I hope and pray that this happiness is brought to many other villages where support is vital. Well done to all with their support

  18. Samuel Chisusu Mhone

    Thanks to all the well wishers who have done it to support my brothers and sisters in the district of Salima and in all the other areas where this life-changing support will be channeled to. It’s a great relief to the people, and its impact will give a new and huge dimension to unserved poor. I am really awestruck of the enormous amount of work you have put to get this done. To Boyce and the entire team in Bokola and Kaniche, thanks for working with so much dedication and devotion. The journey through this has not been that easy!

  19. carys

    your do ing great go wateraid

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