Week 6: Wow – you did it


That’s what you’ve raised for people across Malawi through your support of The Big Dig. Thank you.

As Boyce says in his short film, we’re just half way through our 12 week Big Dig campaign in which we set out, on the 18th June, to raise £1.2 million to bring clean water, safe sanitation and improved hygiene services to 134,000 people who desperately need them across Malawi. And today you’ve done it.

Thanks to one very generous donation we received yesterday (and every other donation received beforehand) we’ve broken through the target and right now the fantastic people of Bokola and Kaniche are celebrating like they’ve never celebrated before. We’ll post updates as soon as we can, so please, do keep an eye out.

It’s an amazing achievement. It’s an amazing day. It’s amazing what’s possible.

In six short weeks you’ve raised enough to change the lives of 134,000 people forever.

In six short weeks Michael and Nathan, our dedicated field officers on the ground in Malawi, have given you a glimpse of what life is like for people, hundreds of thousands of people, living in rural villages like Bokola and Kaniche without even the most basic of services – clean water, somewhere safe and dignified to go to the toilet and an understanding and appreciation of the importance of good hygiene in keeping healthy.

In six short weeks we’ve seen how quickly an already difficult, incomprehensible situation, where women and children spent hours collecting dirty water from rivers and streams worsened beyond belief as riverbeds dried up, leaving families, whole communities in utter despair and the unimaginable task of digging ever deeper scoop holes to reach meagre amounts of the same dirty water.

In six short weeks we’ve seen phenomenal dedication and hard work from the communities of Bokola and Kaniche as they’ve put every effort in to preparing their homes and villages for the arrival of clean water – building latrines, creating hand-washing facilities and dish-racks, cleaning their homes and writing messages around the villages to constantly remind and encourage young and old of their united commitment to a more hygienic environment.

In six short weeks…

We’ve got six weeks left. Six weeks where the UK Government will continue to match any donation to The Big Dig appeal. Six weeks where Michael and Nathan will continue to update us daily on the changes in Bokola and Kaniche, changes to real people’s lives, people including Howard, Mary, Grace. Six weeks to wait until clean water comes gushing from the ground in Bokola and Kaniche – a moment I guarantee you won’t want to miss.

Six weeks to meet a new challenge.

The success of The Big Dig is testament to your desire to make good things happen. So why stop here? We’ve met the target for Bokola and Kaniche, indeed for 134,000 people across Malawi. Yet there’s many more than 134,000 people that we could reach.

So we’re going to keep going.

Boyce mentioned in his film another £1,000,000.  He mentioned another 38,400 people.  He asked for continued support.

I say we give him it, and I ask you to help us.

I hope you’ve been inspired by what you’ve seen through The Big Dig. I hope you’ll continue to be inspired. I hope you’ll come with us on the remaining six weeks of our journey and see for yourself just what’s possible when we set our sights on something even BIGGER…

So thank you. You’ve been amazing. You’re still amazing. Let’s continue to do amazing things.

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  1. Beth Jepson

    Totally amazing and inspiring campaign. I hope you continue to raise the much needed funds.

  2. Neil

    Fantastic news. Well done!

  3. Neil

    Fantastic news. Very well done!

  4. Thalia

    Let’s keep at it, till no man, woman or child suffers the deprivation, degradation and de-humanisation that accompanies the lack of safe, clean water and sanitation..Let’s take a minute to consider OUR good fortune, and let the voice of our conscience guide us to open our hearts and give generously, that all our brothers and sisters on this planet may have their most vital of needs met..

  5. Annette Wardlaw

    blessings to all who give, and those who will receive,-congratulations

  6. Angharad

    Indeed, thanks Thalia

  7. Angharad

    Thanks George and Annette. Angharad

  8. Coral

    Wonderful work, I am proud to be just a small part of it!

  9. Angharad

    Thanks so much Coral – we’re really proud of it too. It’s great to have supporters like you getting behind it. Angharad

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